Get Pickled on Kai Safari

I recently had the pleasure of appearing on Pete and Pio's Kai Safari on Choice TV, where host Sonia and I cooked my 'Just Peachy' Peach Chutney together - and what a fun day it was!

I was a bit nervous to start with and I am sure the crew, who must work with all sorts of folks, must have been thinking, "Okay! what kind of person are we going to have to deal with today?"

But when I first met Pete, Pio, and the crew at Max's Orchard, they were all so lovely.

Pete, the director, is a real foodie. He used to be a chef, and when we were filming in my kitchen he instinctively knew which cupboards he should go to, to find anything he was looking for!

The whole experience was so welcoming and inclusive. I really felt like part of the whanau. My kitchen is really small, so I can be cooking my chutneys and reach from my pot to my utensil drawers with one hand still stirring. So having a camera crew, lighting, and sound guys all packed in was certainly a bit cramped! Filming for TV you have to do take after take after take, repeating every sentence over and over. It wasn't easy, and I definitely stuffed up more than I would have liked. Luckily, TV can be kind thanks to the magic of editing.

There are moments when everyone is chatting, and then the sound guy calls, "quiet filming!"
It takes a bit of time for everyone to hush. It was always so funny, and it was hard not to get the giggles. Pio was so relaxed at my place. He sat outside in the sun while the beautiful Sonia did all the in-front-of-the-camera stuff.

We all gathered for a meal together after all the shooting. We shared stories about all of what we had created, and connecting as a group was just wonderful. Pete cooked us lunch which included the sneaky addition of food photographer Kate's Tempura crickets which we were all challenged to eat. I ate them, but I'll admit I didn't go back for seconds. Those black spiny legs sticking out of the batter... Nope, they did not appeal. With that said, crickets are herbivores so that does kinda fit in with my vegetarian diet.

I had a wonderful time with the Kai Safari crew, Pio is like a Dad or a friend you haven't seen for a while. Sonia was lovely, kind and infinitely inclusive. The entire crew was amazing. The behind the scenes stuff that no one sees is the hard and difficult work these guys have to do, so thank you guys!


He mauruuru ahau he wheako ano kaore au e wareware. I am grateful and had an experience I will never forget.

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Watch the episode (you’ll find me at 10:50)