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Hi, I'm Sharon and I am "The Pickler". I make a whole assortment of wholesome and healthy preserves including all sorts of jams, relishes, and chutneys.


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Delish! Could eat it all day!
— Chloe Ainsworth, Auckland


A little background

Welcome to my website and thanks for visiting. I have been a landscaper and horticulturist for going on about 30 odd years now, but a few years ago I had a mishap, and so I had some time on my hands. The idle-hands syndrome kicked in, so one day during my recuperation, while I was at my local grocery store, I saw some tired looking beetroot on special and thought I would make some relish and gift it to family and friends. That's how it all began!

I remember my mum and my grandmother making homemade preserves out of the abundance of fruit and veg in summer, and as a child I always wanted the "bought" stuff, but in hindsight my memories are of delicious food from the garden to the table.

I bought a jar of your yummy marmalade last weekend and I must have some more!
— Sabion, Auckland

Tasty, nutritious, delicious

I am really proud of my products. I take care to make sure I produce my range as naturally as possible and many of the base ingredients come from my garden.

I have a good selection of gluten free, low sugar and grain free products and as they are all handmade sometimes there may be a variations, just like in nature. Sometimes my peaches are fat and luscious other times they can be a bit on the skinny side, and occasionally this makes a subtle difference to the end product. But, that's what it's all about!

My jams are all low sugar. Traditionally jams were made weight for weight, sugar to fruit, but I have found I can cut the sugar levels to 1/3rd and the flavour of the fruit is no longer hidden under all that sugar. The slight downside though is that my jams may not set quite as well. But, I figure they spread easier, you use less, and they still taste great. In fact, what is really amazing, is if you mix a little of my jam with some natural yogurt, diced fresh fruit and some mint leaves. A dessert to impress or just indulge? 

If it’s made by Sharon, it’s guaranteed to be remarkable. ‘Yummm’ is the perfect buy line for her products. They never last long in our house!
— Jo Lewin, Warkworth

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Below are some more comments from my customers. It's always heartwarming to have great feedback. It's why I keep the good stuff coming!

A friend bought a jar of your exquisite “Taste of India” to a recent get together we had, everybody loved it!! Needless to say it didn’t last very long! I will need to buy it in bulk, as my hungry teenagers thought it was amazing!
— Marie Sullivan, Auckland
While visiting NZ I came across Get Pickled at the markets and enjoyed the products so much that when I got back to Tasmania I ordered some online. Sharon bent over backwards for me and my chutneys and pickles arrived in record time. I would highly recommend Get Pickled - the products are to die for!! Sharon’s customer service was exceptional and I have spread the word.
— Jill Collins, Launceston, Tasmania